1. Tuck-in
    Tucked-in refers to a football player holding his arms inside of his body while in a stance similar to a butterfly-wing position. In this position, the athlete creates a pocket between his upper body and legs. This pocket helps contain the ball and helps prevent any potential pass interference penalties if the ball gets loose and falls out of the player’s hands.
  2. Outlet
    An outlet is a receiver on offense or defender who receives the ball after it has been passed and runs downfield. An offensive outlet is a target for the quarterback and a defensive outlet is a target for a linebacker or safety. Outlets are critical in passing situations and allow receivers to get open without having to break stride.
  3. Catch-and-release
    A catch-and-release play occurs when a wide receiver catches a pass, then immediately releases the ball back to the quarterback for a forward pass. The purpose of this type of play is to free the receiver to run full speed towards the end zone.
  4. Blocking sled
    This technique is used on kickoff returns, field goals, or punts. A player uses this method to slow down the returner before he reaches the line of scrimmage.
  5. Double team
    When two players work together to block a single person, they are said to be working double teams. On defense, this means a lineman blocks either a tight end or running back while another lineman works against a wideout.
  6. Kickoff coverage
    Kickoffs occur when the receiving team kicks the ball off the ground to start the game instead of catching it in-bounds. The defending team’s goal is to cover the kick, making sure no one from their own team touches the ball first.
  7. Huddle
    The huddle is a meeting place where the entire team gathers to discuss strategy, call out signals, and decide whether or not it’s time to punt, go for a touchdown, or attempt a field goal. If a team wants to take a knee to stop the clock, they gather in the middle of the field so everyone can hear them.


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