The answer to this question is simple. There are 32 professional football teams across the United States. If you take out those that don’t have a team anymore (San Diego Chargers) then we’re left with 29 teams. So if we look at each team’s salary cap, if they spent everything allotted to them, how much would they spend?
First let’s find the total number of players on each roster. We’ll use these numbers.
Total Players 32
Rookies 24
Veterans 8
So now we need to calculate how much money each player gets paid. Each player’s average yearly salary comes out to $3 million dollars per year. Let’s round that down to $3 million. Now we just need to multiply that by how many players there are on each team. That gives us our cap value.

Value $3 Million X Total Number Of Players $12.8 Billion
We know our budget is $12.8 billion. But we still have to figure out how much each team spends. First off, we want to make sure we only count what each team actually pays their players. Then once we have that figured out, we want to subtract that amount from our league budget.
Team Salary Payouts $12.8B – ($12.8B x Average Payout Per Player) $12.8 B – $12.8 Million $0B
Now we’ve accounted for every single player. How much did each team actually spend? Well since we subtracted the amount they paid their players, we should add back in any bonuses or incentives they give players. In addition to that, we want to make some assumptions about what players get paid.
Assumption 1: All players get paid the same amount per week.
Assumption 2: All rookies get $500,000 bonuses.
Assumption 3: All veterans get $100,000 bonuses
$12.8B – $0B + $500,000 + $100,000 $12.878B



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