Collin Sexton is a great basketball player who should have been drafted much higher than he was. He’s not just a great shooter, he’s a good ball handler, passer, defender, rebounder, and finisher. He’s a perfect fit for the modern NBA game. If he had played at Duke instead of North Carolina, he would have been a top-five pick. Instead, he fell to No. 13, where the Atlanta Hawks took him.The Hawks were smart to take him over De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, or even Trae Young. All three of those players are talented, but they’re also high risk/high reward. Sexton is low risk, high reward. His shooting percentages aren’t going to go down, and his defense and passing are already elite. He’ll make the right decisions and play hard on both ends of the floor. There’s no doubt that Sexton is a franchise cornerstone. He’s a star in the making. He’s only 23 years old. At 6’5″, he’s still young enough to develop into a superstar. He’s already shown flashes of greatness. In college, he averaged 21 points per game while shooting 44 percent from beyond the arc. That’s pretty impressive for someone who didn’t start playing organized basketball until he was 14 years old.


is a natural scorer. He doesn’t need to rely on the pick-and-roll to get buckets. He’s capable of scoring off the dribble and making jumpers.He’s not afraid of contact. He’s shown no fear of getting hit around the basket, either. He’s aggressive, but he’s also smart enough to know where to go without taking unnecessary risks.



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