1. Lakers: LeBron James ‘Badley Wants’ Russ Westbook Swapped for Kyrie Irvin
    LeBron James was not having fun in Cleveland this season. He missed out on the NBA Finals for the first time since he came into the league while the Cavaliers were swept by the Golden State Warriors. As LeBron sat at home watching the Cavs fall short once again, he let his frustrations slip out in several interviews and on Twitter.
    It started with a series of tweets criticizing former teammate Kevin Love and current teammate J.R. Smith. Lebron criticized Love’s defense, saying he just doesn’t play hard enough. Then he went after J.R., calling him a “cancer.”
    did not sit well with the rest of the team and coach Ty Lue. After the Cavs lost their seventh straight game, LeBron held a meeting with teammates and coaches to vent about what had happened over the last few months. In the meeting, he said he feels like he wasn’t given a fair chance to win back-to-back titles and that he wanted to be traded.
    He even told reporters that the team was aware of his unhappiness with them and that they didn’t know how much longer they could keep him around. What everyone thought would be a minor story turned into major news. The team announced that they would trade LeBron to his hometown Los Angeles Lakers.
    The Cavs won three straight games after LeBron was traded, which helped put them in position to make the playoffs. But now that LeBron has left town, things are looking bleak for the Cavs. Kyrie Irving decided not to re-sign with the team and signed with the Boston Celtics. The Cavs have been struggling ever since.
    Now that LeBron is gone, there is no doubt that the Cavs will miss him. However, with Kyrie coming into the fold and adding some help from others on the roster, there may be hope for a brighter future for the Cavs.
    LeBron James may be leaving, he isn’t going anywhere. He is still one of the biggest names in sports and if the Lakers want him badly enough, they might be able to get him.
    With the Lakers currently sitting at 25th place in the Western Conference standings, they need all the help they can get. If LeBron joins them, he could provide them with a spark that they desperately need right now. LeBron wants to win championships and the Lakers are hoping he can deliver.
    Cavs were a mess when LeBron left town, but things have changed since then. Now the team is playing great basketball and it looks like the fans will be seeing plenty of playoff action soon.


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