The Bucks had a great year last year, and it was clear that they wanted to compete for a playoff spot. That was a big part of their thinking. They didn’t want to be last in the conference. They also had a coach who was a big believer in the defense that was a strength for them.

“The Bucks have been used in the past by those who want to slow the pace down, so they will not be terribly concerned about tinkering with the offense. That is not the case with Carroll. He is a very good coach, a coach with a strong offense. He is very comfortable with the offense that he has had for many years, and he is willing to work with that.


can do everything,” said McClain, “and he can do it well. He’s got speed, he’s got intelligence, he’s got technique, he’s got all the things you require in a football player. He’s just a special player. He’s a little faster than anybody else in the entire league.



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