Kevin Garnett is Hall-of-Fame forward who played his early career for the Minnesota Timberwolves and then won a championship playing for the Boston Celtics in 2008. One of the best power forwards to ever suit up, KG has used his post-NBA career to do podcasts, TNT's "Inside the NBA" with his own segment, and even some acting.
He also apparently spends a lot of his time thinking about the Lakers, the team who thwarted his attempt at winning two NBA titles.
Back in June, it was reported that the Darvin Ham was expected to hire Rasheed Wallace as an assistant coach. It was then reported yesterday that he turned that job down,

for reasons we are not aware of. 
Garnett, ever the jokester, had some feelings and thoughts about the Wallace-development that he posted on his Instagram account.
"Actually thought this was a great hire…damn dog..Morning."

Wallace, an 18-year NBA veteran who retired after the 2012-13 season, is best known by Laker fans as being a member of the Detroit Pistons 2004 championship team, and being a member of the 2010 Celtics that the Lakers beat in 7 games. I'll always personally remember him for insisting that he never committed a foul.
…almost all of those calls are not questionable. They're clearly fouls. Wallace may be famous for screaming, "ball don't lie" after a missed three throw following a foul call, but you know what else doesn't lie? Video footage. I digress.
One can read this as a roast of the Lakers, but it's mostly Garnett giving his old friend a hard time. Let's be real, though. 
Would Laker fans really enjoy this hire? Never has a player been so well-known for on-the-court histrionics. Has Wallace matured enough to be a coach? He was a coach for the Memphis Tigers and that did seem to go well, so perhaps the Lakers really have missed a good opportunity.




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