Shaquille O’Neal recently revealed his motivation to be a part-time disc jockey. The NBA legend and Hall of Famer has made thousands of people dance with his alter ego, “DJ Diesel,” and has become very successful in the music industry.
In an interview with “The Project,” an Australian news show, O’Neal talked about his relationship with Kobe Bryant and his journey to the LA Lakers. When asked why he chose to be a DJ after retirement when he already has so many gigs, O’Neal answered:
O’Neal has performed at popular music festivals like Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland and more.
O’Neal recently put on a show in Almeria, Spain, where he was joined by Slovenian NBA players Luka Doncic

and Goran Dragic. They were invited on stage by DJ Diesel and were seen showing off a “free throw” dance move routine. O’Neal also sank a free throw and the crowd went wild, and he did so with a party ball and an audience member holding a small hoop.
It was the late, great Kobe Bryant‘s 44th birthday on August 23, and many stars shared their favorite memories of the LA Lakers legend. Who better to share a story about Bryant than Shaquille O’Neal, arguably his best teammate ever?
In the interview on “The Project,” he was asked about his favorite NBA moment, and he mentioned winning the 2000 NBA Finals. But it wasn’t the ring that he remembers, it was Kobe’s embrace as the final buzzer sounded in Game 6.
O’Neal said:
Everyone remembers when Bryant jumped into O’Neal’s arms to celebrate their first ring together. O’Neal has used this moment as an example multiple times to show their friendship and respect. He believes it proves that they didn’t hate each other as much as people believed. That’s because they could have hugged and celebrated with anyone but instead wanted to do it with each other.


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