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By August 22, 2022
Luka Doncic is still celebrating the stellar season he and his Dallas Mavericks just had.
True, they didn’t make the NBA Finals but there is no doubt the team did far better than expected.
Thanks to the hard work of him and his peers, Doncic was able to move out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time.
Who knows what next season will bring?
Luka trying to land a bottle flip on his head mid-game lol 🤣🤣
/>— Luka⁷⁷ updates 🇸🇮 (@LukaUpdates) August 22, 2022

During his summer break, Doncic is playing for the Slovenia Basketball Federation.
Over the weekend, they went up against Croatia in a final exhibition game.
Slovenia did work and ended up winning, 94-88.
And Doncic was spotted having some fun when he rarely rested on the bench.
Doncic attempted to flip a water bottle onto the top of his head, which was a humorous and typical move for Doncic, who is known for having fun and playing around with his teammates.
Speaking of teammates, he may be getting a new one soon.
It was recently revealed that the Mavericks were interested in the idea of acquiring Collin Sexton from the Cleveland Cavaliers.
If that happens, it could greatly improve the roster that is hurting from the loss of guard Jalen Brunson.
The team has already added JaVale McGee and Christian Wood.
If Sexton also got on board, Doncic could be playing with his greatest iteration of the Mavericks yet.
No matter what happens, Doncic is going to return to Dallas with an increased desire and drive – he’s finally made it far into the playoffs and now he wants to do it again.
Doncic and Dallas will be worth your attention in the new season.
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Brandon has been enjoying NBA basketball since before he knew his ABCs. A product of too many comic books and cartoons, he finds a lot of passion in many things including reading, film, music, and enjoying too many cups of coffee.
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