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Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was one of the best offensive players in NBA History, showed how never to get your shot blocked
The NBA is a highly competitive league, where players keep trying to get better than the rest, and win the ultimate goal: the Larry O’Brien trophy. However, in order to get to the NBA Finals to compete for the trophy, one has to endure a lot of challenges. After a hectic 82-game season, the team has to get through the entire Conference before they move on to the Finals.
Having played so many games, opponent coaches and players tend to figure out each player’s moves, strengths, and weaknesses. No one knew that better than Kobe Bryant. Known as one of the most gifted offensive players in the modern NBA, Kobe had the ability to score at will, no matter who was up against him.

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In order to do so, the Mamba figured out a few key things. The most important one was how to avoid getting your shot blocked by the opponent’s defenders.
Kobe Bryant joined the NBA with a simple mission: to be the best in the league. However, it was a tall task, as he joined the NBA right when Michael Jordan was getting his second three-peat. Instead of being intimidated by MJ, like the others, Kobe got through to His Airness and took him on as a mentor. Kobe learned a series of moves from MJ, and incorporated them in his game, and heck, even improved on some of them.
While in a gym, Kobe shared one of the key secrets to never getting one’s shot blocked. The Mamba said,
science of it is that you wanna be on balance while you’re going up. After that, you might or you might do whatever, but going up, you want to have a firm base.”

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Having firm footing before elevating for the shot helps you have a balanced core, increasing your chances of taking a better shot and in turn, preventing it from getting blocked.
Kobe was a genius. I don’t know if he figured the same out in his countless hours at the gym, or if he learned it from someone else, but this one fundamental learning, if remembered, would not only help with avoiding shot blockers but also will increase your shot accuracy.
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