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By September 1, 2022
Fans of the Boston Celtics are still getting over their team’s loss in the recent NBA Finals.
There were many, including some expert NBA analysts, who predicted the Celtics would beat the Golden State Warriors in the seven-game series.
But in the end, the younger Celtics didn’t have what it took to overtake the experienced and superior Warriors.
It was a painful loss, but an honorable one.
A complicated relationship 😅
/>— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) August 31, 2022

For Celtics star Grant Williams, it was bittersweet because he was losing to one of his heroes.
Speaking of Stephen Curry, Williams said, “I wore 30 in high school because of you, and I’m not wearing a ring because of you.”
Williams is surely disappointed that his team didn’t win the Finals and that definitely still stings.
However, if he had to lose to anyone at least it was to one of the biggest icons in NBA history.
Plus, there are many predictions that the Celtics will be back to the Finals soon.
Williams must be feeling an awful lot as he recognizes that the man he idolized for years is the same one who defeated his team in the Finals.
But the best might be yet to come for Williams’ Celtics.
The team hasn’t made many alterations in the offseason this year, instead, they have been beefing up the strong roster they already have and adding some established NBA role players.
There was a brief moment when it seemed like the team could possibly trade away Jaylen Brown

but that didn’t end up happening and the Celtics we saw last year will be back in the new year.
Therefore, the team has a good chance of making another Finals run in the 2022-23 season.
Williams’ quest for a ring is still alive.
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Brandon has been enjoying NBA basketball since before he knew his ABCs. A product of too many comic books and cartoons, he finds a lot of passion in many things including reading, film, music, and enjoying too many cups of coffee.
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