Kevin Durant‘s career has often been under the microscope, and his leadership quality has been questioned. His inability to lead a team to an NBA championship remains an issue that lingers over him.
On “The Big Podcast,” Shaquille O’Neal shared his thoughts on Durant’s leadership as the best player in the league. Asked if he agreed with Charles Barkley’s comments on the Brooklyn Nets forward’s career being an abject failure, O’Neal responded in the affirmative.
He referenced the 2012 NBA Finals,

when KD and the OKC Thunder lost to the Miami Heat after going 3-1 up in the series. Shaq based his response on Durant’s inability to close out the series with a lone game. He said KD was not the leader in his time with the Golden State Warriors, saying that he was only afforded a front seat on the bus.
After 14 seasons in the league, Kevin Durant has two championships under his belt. He clinched both in his three seasons with the Golden State Warriors.
Since his exit from the Warriors in 2019, he is yet to compete for the title with the Brooklyn Nets. Charles Barkley had questioned Durant’s career and designated his title wins as insignificant, calling his career an “abject failure.”


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