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With four NBA championships under his belt, Steph Curry knows a thing or two about winning a Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. 
After celebrating winning the 2022 NBA Finals, the Warriors guard is in the gym, this time at Rico Hines’ Private Runs, preparing for the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season. 
While Curry is teaming up with Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young to torment opponents with their shooting, the 34-year-old also advised those attending the practice on what it takes to get to June and win an NBA title. 
The Warriors star stated to everyone in attendance that the work they put in the offseason matters if they want to be the team left standing at the end of the season. 
“Good to see competition like everybody’s in here, for one goal to be ready for June whenever your time is,” Curry said at Rico Hines’ Private Runs.

“So if it hadn’t happened yet, these are the moments that matter.
“… But all that stuff matters in terms of the details with every part of the game on both ends of the floor. Because in June, you need this. You need your body. You need your competitive fire. And it’s all built right now.”
‘Everybodys in here for one goal to be ready for June. Whenever your time is. So if it hasn’t happend yet, these are the moments that matter’

Look at Curry man… So inspirational 💯👨‍🍳
Curry plans to put what he preaches once again into action as the Warriors guard eyes a fifth NBA ring that would put him on par with the likes of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan. 

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