NBA & Warriors’ superstar Steph Curry has dominated the headlines of late. The two-time MVP revealed that his hometown franchise, the Charlotte Hornets, is the only other team he would play for.
Meanwhile, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas weighed in on Curry’s case to be involved in the GOAT conversation. Arenas believes Curry’s small frame will keep him away from being called the GOAT.
Here is the latest buzz surrounding the NBA as of September 4, 2022.
More often than not, NBA player want to play for their hometown franchises. Four-time NBA champion Steph Curry is no exception and wants to play for his hometown team, the Charlotte Hornets.
Curry was recently presented with the key to the city of Charlotte. When asked about an alternate team he would play for if not the Warriors, he said:
However, Curry clarified that it’s not something he is actively pursuing. He stated that it’s just an option he would explore if he wasn’t playing for the Warriors.
Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas believes Steph Curry won’t be considered a GOAT because of his small frame. Curry has achieved a lot in his NBA career, He’s considered a top-ten player on the all-time lists by several fans and analysts.
However, Arenas reckons his highlight reels lacking fantastic dunks and athletic feats weakens his case to be considered in the GOAT conversation. Here’s what Areans said regarding this during an interview with

Arenas continued:
Watch the full interview below:
Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have had an on-and-off relationship. However, they have shown tremendous mutual respect over the past few months. Irving recently appeared on HBO’s ‘The Shop,’ a show co-produced by James. During that episode, Irving opened up on his time in Cleveland and his partnership with LeBron, saying (via Fadeaway
Irving added:
Irving has been rumored to reunite with LeBron James all summer. However, with Kevin Durant staying in Brooklyn, it seems like the dynamic point guard will play out the final year of his contract with the Nets.
Irving will be a free agent next off-season, and the Lakers could generate cap space to sign a max player, so a reunion for the 2016 champions is still on the cards in the city of Los Angeles.
The Brooklyn Nets are heading into a tricky situation as the new season begins. Superstar Kevin Durant has agreed to stay, despite handing in his trade request. His initial stand of wanting coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks gone seems to have relented.
KD will now play for Nash, and it’ll be interesting to see their dynamic after the former asked owner Joe Tsai to fire the latter. Former Nets assistant coach Amar’e Stoudamire believes Durant and Nash will work things out. During an interview with
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, Stoudamire said:
Miami Heat’s Kyle Lowry has been frequently criticized for being overweight. However, former Heat star Tim Hardaway claimed that the former All-Star wears football pads to make himself look bigger. Here’s what Hardaway said to The Sun Sentinel:
He continued:
Lowry is aiming to have a successful year with the Heat. His first season with the team didn’t go according to plan, with injuries troubling him throughout the NBA postseason. Some of his viral pictures suggest he has been in top shape this offseason, so it will be interesting to see how he bounces back.


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