It seems like these days, you either love or hate the Phoenix Suns. 
That's what happens when you rise to prominence within the last few seasons like Phoenix has, starring in the NBA Finals before pacing the regular season in wins last year. 
The Suns have yet to bring home the coveted championship, as those failures have also drawn a vast amount of haters. 
In a world full of social media jokes and memes, nobody but the champion (and even then, the jokes will fly) is safe. 
Much like any drama series, heroes and villains will separate themselves from the pack. 
Of course, those two terms are up to personal debate on which side your favorite players rests on. 
As far as Chris Paul goes, Bleacher Report believes he fits in the top villains list

of the past decade. 
Peak Villainy: The Los Angeles Clippers Years
Here's what Andy Bailey said on Paul's ranking:
"Remember that line about LeBron's flopping resume? Chris Paul has one of those reels that can go toe-to-toe with (and probably surpass) that of James.
"But this isn't just about flopping, though that's a big part of it. CP3 is unquestionably one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, but much of his career has been spent incessantly complaining to referees, deploying generally dirty antics, berating teammates and, perhaps the greatest sin of all, winning.
"All of that was never on more vivid display than when he was with the Los Angeles Clippers, who seemed to adopt his abrasive style.
'People hate the Clippers, and by 'people,' we mean everyone: players, coaches, scouts, owners, executives, scalpers, ushers, popcorn vendors," Howard Beck wrote for Bleacher Report in 2015. "Probably the Dalai Lama, though he could not be reached for comment.'
/>"Beck surveyed people from just about every category laid out above. He didn't get much pushback on the assertion.
"And, like LeBron with the nWo…er, Heat…CP3 was the head of this snake.
"Then, of course, he joined James Harden with the Houston Rockets, who wasn't exactly adored at the time, either. That team's ability to push the Golden State Warriors won them a little support, but it certainly didn't make Paul a good guy.
/>"That didn't happen until he went to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019, where he seemed to play with significantly less nonsense. Since then, CP3 has looked like a sort of toned down version of the villain he was at the peak of his powers, but that's far from enough to knock him from the list."
Here's the full list:
1. Draymond Green 
2. Patrick Beverley 
3. James Harden 
4. Kevin Durant
5. Chris Paul 
6. LeBron James
7. Jimmy Butler 

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