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The Los Angeles Lakers have quite a few players with something to prove next season. LeBron James is chasing Michael Jordan's ring tally as well as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's scoring record. Russell Westbrook likely wants to get back to being respected as a superstar and an elite performer. Even Pat Beverley is ready to lead the team back to the playoffs. But none of them is arguably under more pressure than Anthony Davis. 
AD coming to the Lakers was supposed to make them contenders for years to come. Davis has been an All-Star 8 times, All-NBA First Team 4 times, and even made it to the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team. The Brow is highly decorated and considered one of the best two-way players in the game. And while he was once being compared with Giannis Antetokounmpo, he has now fallen behind, with Giannis winning MVP twice, Finals MVP once, as well as the Defensive Player of The Year. 
Davis' injury problems have been well documented, and many have questioned if he can ever truly stay healthy. Kevin Garnett thinks that his goal next season should not just be to stay healthy but to win MVP.

But that is easier said than done, and fans have a few thoughts about whether he can manage it. 
In his last two seasons in the NBA, AD has played a combined total of just 76 games. This has coincided with disappointing results for the Lakers, and the All-Star has been mocked for always being injured. With the question of whether he can win an MVP, fans had some interesting thoughts on the matter. 
"True or False? Anthony Davis will never win a regular season MVP."
"He will this season, don't worry."
"Can't win MVP if you only play 30 games a year."


wanna put a ceiling on another person, but btw his injuries and sharing the load with James, I don’t think his contributions will add up to the MVP convo talk."
"The Lakers will not have that good a record."
"AD has the talent to do it, but no way he can stay fit for that long."
"Playing him for 40 games is a considered achievement."
"Anthony has the talent man, but no he can't."
"The regular season is a slog AD's not built for."
"I can see him winning Finals MVP maybe."
"He doesn't have what it takes bruh, AD is soft."
"Not when Bron is his teammate."
"AD isn't even the MVP on his own team."
A prime Anthony Davis can average 28 points and 12 rebounds per game, so if he can stay healthy, an MVP is more than possible. That remains a huge 'if', though, and he will have to work on his body and his conditioning to achieve it. Ultimately, only time will tell if AD can win an MVP, but time is running out for him to make a case. 




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