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By September 12, 2022
There is so much great talent and so many terrific teams in the NBA that some people overlook just how spectacular the Milwaukee Bucks are.
Don’t forget that the Bucks won the NBA Finals just a couple of seasons ago.
It is true that they didn’t reach the Finals again last season but they are still a supremely powerful squad.
Most Regular Season Wins by a Team in the Last 5 Years
299 — Milwaukee Bucks
296 — Toronto Raptors
294 — Utah Jazz
292 — Boston Celtics
/>— NBA Muse (@NBAMuse24) September 8, 2022

In fact, the Bucks have the most regular season wins by a team in the last five years with 299.
They are closely followed by the Toronto Raptors with 296, the Utah Jazz with 294, and the Boston Celtics with 292.
The Bucks are still accumulating many wins but the ones they want most are those in the Finals.
Giannis Antetokounmpo is surely the heart and soul of the Bucks and the team’s leader.
The two-time MVP and Finals MVP is ready to get his team back to the top of the league.
He has repeatedly said that he expects nothing but unparalleled excellency and supremacy from his team and that’s what he’s angling for in the 2022-23 season.
Antetokounmpo is still at the top of his game so the idea of Milwaukee making it back to the Finals is completely reasonable.
That is especially true now that Khris Middleton

will be returning in good health.
The Bucks haven’t changed much over the last two years and you shouldn’t expect them to any time soon.
They know they have the status needed to win a lot in the regular season and the playoffs – they just need to make that happen.
The Eastern Conference has been increasingly competitive over the last two years but the Bucks stand a great chance at overtaking the rest in 2022-23.
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Brandon has been enjoying NBA basketball since before he knew his ABCs. A product of too many comic books and cartoons, he finds a lot of passion in many things including reading, film, music, and enjoying too many cups of coffee.
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