Out of the darkness and into the light, Aaron Rodgers’ future is just about in sight.
For the fourth straight offseason, rumors surrounding Rodgers and his future with Green Bay are swirling. While the quarterback recently said a decision on his next move will be “soon enough” that soon enough isn’t, well, quite soon enough.
Rodgers’ indecision on his next step has opened a window for other teams to at least discuss a trade with Green Bay. But over the last week, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Jets are the top contender to land Rodgers.
New York had been reported to be hot after a veteran quarterback, and it looks like Rodgers is the Jets’ man. Now, it’s just a matter of whether they can land him.

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Here’s the latest on Rodgers, his future and the teams hoping to land him:
Date: Wednesday, March 15
Source: Rodgers himself on “The Pat McAfee Show”
Rodgers took issue with the reports that he had provided a list of free agents for the Jets to target before acquiring him. He did, however, admit that he vouched for some of his former teammates in conversations with the team. He just didn’t demand that New York sign them.
Aaron Rodgers is telling @PatMcAfeeShow that he didn’t give the Jets a list of players to sign, but he did vouch for a number of former teammates. Also said, “Who wouldn’t want Odell (Beckham Jr.) on their team?”
Those two things sound similar, but Rodgers was adamant that he didn’t make a formal demand about these signings.
Date: Wednesday, March 15
Source: Rodgers himself on “The Pat McAfee Show”
Rodgers has decided that he wants to keep playing while the Packers have decided that they want to move on from him. As such, Rodgers is going to play elsewhere, and he is planning on that being with the Jets.
Rodgers also explained that the teams are still working through compensation to complete the trade. But he is fully planning on going to the Jets and is ready to play for them.
Date: Wednesday,
March 15
Source: Tom Pelissero, NFL Network
The Packers and Jets are “continuing to negotiate” a trade but haven’t agreed to terms yet. The Packers are not looking for multiple first-round picks as part of a deal, per Pelissero.
The #Packers and #Jets continue to negotiate on an Aaron Rodgers trade but have not yet agreed to trade terms, per sources.

Green Bay isn’t looking for multiple first-round picks like other QBs (Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford) have commanded in recent years. Talks ongoing. pic.twitter.com/W1SZlx0UZA
Date: Wednesday, March 15
Source: Adam Schefter, ESPN
ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Rodgers wants to play for the Jets, but he cautions that there are “layers” to the situation. Notably, he lists the terms of a Rodgers trade and a contract restructure with the quarterback as hurdles that the two sides would need to clear before Rodgers can officially be a Jet.
.@AdamSchefter has the latest on Aaron Rodgers:

“I will not be surprised if Aaron Rodgers tells Pat McAfee, yes, that he wants to play for the Jets. But as you’ve been saying all week long, there are layers to this whole situation.” pic.twitter.com/3QojctyHaq
So, Rodgers appearance on McAfee’s show could push the Packers and Jets closer to a resolution, but it may not mark the official endgame either.
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Pat McAfee
For the millionth time during this process, we are potentially nearing the final decision from Aaron Rodgers. If the process has been at the one-yard line for over a week now, then the drive has been prolonged by penalty after penalty. Regardless, we will hear official word from Rodgers tomorrow. Maybe.
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We suggest you don’t hold your breath. 
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Jordan Schultz, The Score
The Jets have made a big move to acquire one former Packer. It’s not Rodgers but instead is his former teammate Allen Lazard, who will join the Jets on a four-year deal worth $44 million.
BREAKING: #Jets are signing FA WR Allen Lazard to a 4-year, $44M deal with $22M guaranteed, sources tell @thescore.

Lazard comes off his best season, totaling 60/788/6 in 15 games with #Packers. This deal should also get things to the finish line with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets. pic.twitter.com/wOmAbEe0pC
Lazard was said to be on Rodgers’ wish list of players for the Jets to acquire. Thus, this could be the first domino to fall in a trade for Rodgers.
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic
Evidently, the players are growing weary of the process of Rodgers’ decision being made, per Zack Rosenblatt. That said, there’s still a “strong feeling” that he will eventually end up joining the Jets, so perhaps their angst will subside if that comes to pass.
What I’m hearing on Aaron Rodgers, #Jets:
– Strong feeling still that he will be a Jet. It is NOT done yet, still working through some things. Nothing finalized and GB still needs official word from Rodgers.
– Some Jets players have been frustrated about the process dragging out.
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Dianna Russini, ESPN
If you’re wondering why the Jets are in on a bunch of former Packers, it’s because Rodgers might be telling them to go get them. Russini reports that Rodgers has given the Jets a list of free agents that he wants them to target. It includes his former teammates Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb and Marcedes Lewis, but also Odell Beckham Jr.
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Adam Schefter, ESPN
Lazard and Cobb aren’t the only former Packers skill position players that the Jets are targeting. They are also considering Marcedes Lewis, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Raiders are among the other teams that want Lewis.
Packers’ veteran free-agent TE Marcedes Lewis, who spent the past five seasons in Green Bay, has drawn interest from, amongst others, the New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders, per league sources
Lewis, 39 in May, has played with the Packers since 2018. He has caught 57 passes for 582 yards and five touchdowns during that time, but more importantly, he has served as one of the NFL’s best blocking tight ends during that time. He is the oldest tight end in the league, so if he continues to play, it makes sense that it would be on a contending team.
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Adam Schefter, ESPN
The Jets appear close to adding two of Rodgers’ favorite receivers to their roster. New York is “closing in” on a contract with Allen Lazard and is expected to pursue Randall Cobb in the coming days as well.
This doesn’t guarantee that Rodgers will land in New York, but it certainly adds to the speculation that he could. These moves could have been stipulated by Rodgers as part of a “package deal” to bring him to the Jets.
Date: Tuesday, March 14
Source: Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk; Ian Rapoport, NFL Network
The Rodgers saga is continuing into Tuesday, with national insiders still saying that the veteran quarterback has yet to make up his mind.
Florio says as of Tuesday morning that he’s “still hearing that Rodgers plans to accept a trade to New York” but “nothing is done until it’s done.” Meanwhile, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said that all options remain on the table for Rodgers as he assesses his playing future as it pertains to the 2023 season.
From @GMFB: On the Aaron Rodgers watch, the big #Raiders signing of Jimmy Garoppolo, the #Falcons splashing for Jessie Bates, and the #49ers agreeing to terms with Javon Hargrave. pic.twitter.com/DKbYnJnOV4
So, the wait for Rodgers’ decision shall continue.
Date: Monday, March 13
Source: Rasul Douglas (supposedly)
Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas is providing some much-needed levity in the ongoing Rodgers saga, saying the Packers quarterback gave him his phone when he went into “darko mode” — referring to Rodgers’ four-day darkness retreat.
Douglas later claimed to be liking tweets from his own account (@rd32_era) from Rodgers’ phone, including the aforementioned “darko mode” tweet. That led to the only social media activity on Monday, a day in which many believed the Packers quarterback would make his future in the NFL known:
I told y’all I have his phone 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/weyhlhRoR3
As it stands now, that is the only communication Rodgers gave on Monday.
Date: Monday, March 13
Source: Trey Wingo, Pro Football Network
Trey Wingo, formerly of ESPN, is reporting that the Jets are acquiring Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. This would be the second time — the Brett Favre trade being the other in 2008 — that the Jets and Packers have reached a deal to send a Hall of Fame quarterback to New York. Wingo famously broke the news last week that the Jets would be meeting with Rodgers in California. 
Hearing Rodgers to the Jets is done. History about to repeat itself between New York and Green Bay. Time is indeed a flat circle
Date: Monday, March 13
Source: Rob Demovsky, ESPN
NFL free agency is very nearly here, but the Packers and Jets still don’t have clarity on what Aaron Rodgers is going to do, per ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.
We’re an hour away from the start of the free agent negotiating period, and I’m told neither the Packers nor the Jets know what Aaron Rodgers is going to do.
The Jets and Packers will still be able to negotiate with players during the NFL’s legal tampering period, but this puts the Jets in an unenviable position as they consider adding another veteran quarterback. They have been tied to Jimmy Garoppolo before, but they may not be able to sign him without knowing an answer about Rodgers’ future.
Date: Saturday, March 11
Source: Charles Hughes (SNYTV)
Per a report from Charles Hughes of SNYTV, the Jets and Packers have done all the preliminary work involved in executing a trade of Rodgers to New York. Of course, any deal hinges on the decision Rodgers ultimately makes:
From my understanding on #Jets & Aaron Rodgers: Everything that needs to be done is essentially done in regards to a trade. Sides have worked out what needs to be worked out.

So if Rodgers wants to be a Jet, he will be a Jet.

Broken record, but … just waiting on him to decide
Date: Friday, March 10
Source: Ian Rapoport (NFL Network)
All is quiet on the Rodgers front as of Friday, with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reporting that while the Jets had some excitement after the visit earlier in the week with the Packers’ QB, everything waits until Rodgers makes a decision about his future.
“Is he going to retire, walk away from $60 million? Is he going to tell the Packers, ‘Trade me to the Jets,’ in which case they would facilitate that or potentially go back to Green Bay, which is obviously much less likely now. So just like we’ve been the last couple weeks, we are waiting for Aaron Rodgers,” Rapoport said.
From @GMFB: On today’s FA workout for Odell Beckham Jr, the Lamar Jackson situation and the latest on Aaron Rodgers. pic.twitter.com/KEaWDbThWd
Date: Thursday, March 9
Source: Sauce Gardner (via The Athletic)
Rodgers may not be the only player who would come to the Jets in a trade. Sauce Gardner told his followers on Twitch that another player (or players) could be a part of a deal.
“It’s package deals all over,” Gardner said. “I can’t tell y’all who, but just know.”
Sauce Gardner on his stream (with Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall sitting next to him) said that if Aaron Rodgers comes to the #Jets “it’s package deals all over. I can’t tell y’all who, but just know.”
Date: Thursday, March 9
Source: Dianna Russini, ESPN
Rodgers may soon be trading Green and Gold for Green and White. The Jets feel “optimistic” that they are going to close on a Rodgers trade, according to ESPN’s Dianna Russini. The Jets had discussed compensation and contract amendments prior to the meeting between the two parties earlier this week.
In the wake of an extensive in-person meeting between Aaron Rodgers & New York Jets brass, including owner Woody Johnson, there’s optimism in the Jets’ organization that they are on the brink of landing the future Hall of Fame QB, sources close to the situation tell ESPN.
Date: Wednesday, March 8
Source: Mike Garafolo, NFL Network
No bandleaders here. Connecting dots, Mike Garafolo says that the Packers will be looking for “fair compensation,” and maybe not a deal that will blow their doors off. The fact that Rodgers is allowed to speak to other teams says that the Packers seem ready to move on, and that could lead to a fair price for an acquiring squad.
Juicy nugget from @MikeGarafolo who said the #Packers aren’t asking for ‘an offer they can’t refuse’ from the #Jets for QB Aaron Rodgers, ‘let’s get as fair of compensation as we can to just move on & turn this thing over to Jordan Love’ 👀 🎥 @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/8Mv47C2PeH
Date: Wednesday, March 8
Source: Kimberley A. Martin, ESPN
Martin reports that the “contingent” of Jets players are on their way back from California after meeting with Rodgers this morning, and they don’t know when they’ll be back again. Martin says that meet-up was a “get-to-know-you” session, and potentially the first step in the recruitment process.
As I just mentioned on @GetUpESPN#Jets contingent is expected to fly back from Cali this AM pic.twitter.com/8aQVDGW7DI
Sense I’m getting is: this Cali trip is hopefully just the first step for the #Jets and Rodgers. A getting-to-know-you session was the immediate focus (considering only Rodgers + Hackett know each other).

Free agency is looming… but the Jets’ timeline is dependent on Rodgers.
Date: Tuesday, March 7
Source: Adam Schefter, ESPN
While trade rumors continue to swirl, Rodgers may have looked to a life after football recently. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a “recent school of thought” pegged Rodgers as maybe looking towards retirement, and not playing this upcoming season. That may have changed in recent days.
Aaron Rodgers’ future is still uncertain as he meets with the Jets today 🔮 👀

“Earlier in the week there was a school of thought he wanted to walk away from the game and retire.” —@AdamSchefter pic.twitter.com/ZGKZmTz7wt
Date: Tuesday, March 7
Source: Mike Garafolo, Ian Rapoport, NFL Network
News on the Aaron Rodgers front continues to pick up steam on Tuesday. The Jets are reportedly meeting with the two-time league MVP in California, but according to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport, there doesn’t appear to be a decision coming soon from Rodgers. They say that the quarterback is going to take his time, as usual, and that these meetings with the Jets brass are simply part of the process rather than indicative of something imminent.
Today’s Aaron Rodgers-#Jets meeting definitely feels like part of a process, rather than an indication something is imminent. https://t.co/VoJyU0dYA1
Date: Tuesday, March 7
Source: Dan Graziano, Dianna Russini, ESPN
The Jets are sending in the heavy hitters to, seemingly, try and close the deal with Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has been granted permission to meet with the Jets, and owner Woody Johnson, GM Joe Douglas, coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett are on their way to California to meet with the quarterback.
I’m told the Jets contingent on the way to California includes team owner Woody Johnson, GM Joe Douglas, head coach Robert Saleh, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, possibly others. https://t.co/yooNauScXw
Date: Tuesday, March 7
Source: Dan Graziano, ESPN
The Jets and Packers have spoken, and they will continue to talk into Tuesday, ESPN’s Dan Graziano reports. Graziano says that the two sides have spoken, and the Jets and Rodgers have spoken, as well, leading to New York being a “realistic” option.
Date: Tuesday, March 7
Source: Trey Wingo, NFL commentator, and Connor Hughes, SNY
The wheels may be in motion for a Rodgers-to-New York trade, according to Trey Wingo and confirmed by SNY’s Connor Hughes. The Jets and Rodgers had a conversation on Monday, and Rodgers is “open” to heading to New York.
This indeed happened.

All still waiting for Aaron Rodgers to decide what he wants, but it sure seems like it involves playing in 2023. https://t.co/Ml1JmQPQBc
Date: Monday, March 6
Source: Peter King, NBC Sports
As it turns out, the Raiders may not be hot after Rodgers after all. NBC Sports’ Peter King reports that “if there’s a Rodgers derby,” then don’t expect the Raiders to be a part of it. The Raiders may hone in on Jimmy Garoppolo, whose contract they may be able to control, as he’s a free agent.
Date: Monday, March 6
Source: Jeremy Fowler, ESPN
Apparently, teams have called up the Packers to trade for Rodgers, but his complex contract may pose a hurdle in a deal getting done. With his 2023 upfront cash being a deterrent to some teams, Green Bay hasn’t found the right trade partner for the quarterback just yet.
Date: Sunday, March 5
Source: Dan Graziano, ESPN
Somewhat unsurprisingly, Rodgers tops the Raiders’ wish list of starters for 2023, according to ESPN’s Dan Graziano. Las Vegas is also checking in with free agent Jimmy Garoppolo and, maybe, Mac Jones. The latter seems unlikely, however.




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